Refurbished iPods

Refurbished iPods

Now stocking professionally refurbished iPods at ridiculously cheap prices!

Just because our iPods are cheap, does not mean the quality is. You can save over £100 compared to Apple UK prices when choosing selected iPod models. All our refurbished iPods are cleaned with anti-bacterial solution, tested and graded accordingly. We offer 6 months warranty with all reconditioned iPods.

Refurbished iPod Touch 6th gen

Refurbished iPod Touch 5th gen

Refurbished iPod Touch 4th gen


Refurbished iPod Touch 3rd gen

Refurbished iPod Classic

Refurbished iPod 5th gen


Refurbished iPod Nano 7th gen

Refurbished iPod Nano 6th gen

Refurbished iPod Nano 5th gen


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Grade B - Apple iPod Touch 2nd Gen 8GB BLACK
-10 %

Grade B - Apple iPod Touch 2nd Gen 8GB BLACK

We have refurbished this Apple iPod to the highest quality and has been fully tested. We assure you,..

£40.50 £45.00 Ex Tax: £40.50

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