Our Grading Explained

We're pretty fussy on grading. Which is why we employ dedicated quality assurance technicians accurately grading our refurbished iPhones & iPads.

Because there is no set industry standard when grading refurbished equipment, every seller decides their own grading process and quality checks. Here at Refurbished iPhones UK, we meticulously inspect each iPhone & iPad cosmetic condition, ensuring we accurately reflect an honest grading. We believe we offer the highest quality refurbished iPhones & iPads, so you are not disappointed with the cosmetic quality.

All of our graded iPhones & iPads go through the same process from start to finish. Here's how we refurbished all of our devices:

  • Technician will carefully disassemble the device, checking for any faulty components.
  • Replace any faulty, worn or defective parts including, but not limited to, speakers, screens, microphones, dock connectors, volume/mute buttons and re-house if necessary.
  • Once device has been repaired or rebuilt, technician will fully test again to ensure all functions are working.
  • If testing stage has passed, technician will run a battery test, normally lasting 24 hours. If battery is found not to hold a satisfactory charge, a new battery is installed.
  • If battery was replaced, another battery test is performed, again lasting 24 hours.
  • Once testing and battery stages have passed, the device is sent to Anti-Bacterial cleaning. Every external part of the device is thoroughly cleaned, leaving no dust, dirt or deposit on or within the device. This is a time consuming but very rewarding process. We take pride in our anti-bacterial cleaning process.
  • When cleaning has been completed, a full 25 point final test and check is completed, again checking all functions of the device are fully working.
  • At this stage, we grade each device on overall cosmetic condition and store in protective packaging ready for sale.

We take pride in our refurbishing process, especially our anti-bacterial cleaning. No one else offers a more comprehensive refurbishing process. It's a time consuming task but we want you to enjoy your refurbished iPhone or iPad for the next few years.

Here is what you can expect from our graded refurbished equipment:

Grade A+ - When we fully rebuild an iPhone or iPad into a new housing and use all new parts, we grade as an A+ (a plus). This is because the final cosmetic condition is like new. No marks or scratches, no dents or dings. Our Grade A+ devices are built for those that demand only the highest quality refurbished products.

Grade A - Almost as good as new, our Grade A iPhones may have some very light scratches or blemishes that may be difficult to see under normal light conditions. There may be signs of very light use on the front screen, side and rear housing which may also show some light wear. There may be some very light pitting on metal or plastic housings. The screen will be of excellent condition, with no marks or scratches that deter from the overall viewing experience.

Grade B - Showing signs of day-to-day usage, our Grade B iPhones & iPads are still fully functional devices but will show signs of moderate usage. There may be some moderate marks or scratches on the front glass digitiser but nothing deep enough to detract from the display viewing. There will be no chips or heavy scuffs to the glass. There may be some moderate scratches or scuffs on the side and rear housing which may include some light paint loss, moderate pitting, one or two very small, light dents. Grade B iPhones & iPads are for those that are not too particular with the overall cosmetic condition and if a case was fitted, you wouldn't notice it was a Grade B.

Grade C - For those that don't mind a battle scar or two, or for those that regularly throw their iPhones or iPads in a handbag or draw when not in use. Our Grade C devices are fully functional, albeit with heavier signs of use and wear but will not have any damaged glass or screens, any missing parts or cracks in the housings. Our Grade C iPhones & iPads may have heavier scratches to the front glass screen and housing and may have a few more dents or dings but nothing too serious! A well used but lovingly refurbished by us, ready for a few more years of battle!

Grade F - Very rarely do we see a Grade F device here. If we find a minor fault with an iPhone or iPad, for example, the Touch ID function is no longer working, we would deem this a Grade F. Each Grade F device is cosmetically different and we include an accurate description of fault and cosmetic condition in the product description. We still warranty or Grade F devices, obviously not for the fault as sold, but you still have some peace of mind! All our Grade F iPhones & iPads are put through the same paces to ensure a refurbished product that will still give years of service.