How to remove an iCloud account

How to remove an iCloud account

How to Delete an iCloud Account from an iPhone / iPad / iPod

  1. Open the Settings app and scroll down to “iCloud” and tap
  2. Scroll down under all the settings to find “Delete Account” (or “Sign Out”) and tap on that
  3. Confirm the removal of the iCloud account from the device by tapping on “Delete” or “Sign Out”


Note that the newest version of iOS uses “Sign Out” in the iCloud settings panel, whereas the immediately prior versions use “Delete Account” – the effect is identical, it’s just a change of wording. Both will log out of the iCloud ID account on the iPhone or iPad.

Remove an iOS device you no longer have

If you no longer have access to the iOS device because you are unable to remove iCloud direct from the iOS device, you need to remotely erase it before you can remove it.

1. Go to Find My iPhone on

  • If you don’t see Find My iPhone on, your account just has access to iCloud web-only features. To gain access to other iCloud features, set up iCloud on your iOS device or Mac.

2. ​Click All Devices, then select the device.

3. Click Erase [device], then enter your Apple ID password or your family member’s Apple ID password. Because the device isn’t lost, don’t enter a phone number or message.

  • If the device is offline, the remote erase begins the next time it’s online. You receive an email when the device is erased.
  • If you erase your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and you have credit and debit cards in Wallet for Apple Pay, Find My iPhone attempts to remove your cards immediately, even if your iPhone is offline. For more information, see the Apple Support article Use Wallet on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

4. When the device is erased, click Remove from Account.

  • All your content is erased, and someone else can now activate the device.